Out of the desert, the camels left. Searching for the blue colour, searching for the bird. A grand walk started, a journey. Their long legs, in slow motion, swallow the dunes without a sound. A few days before, they saw the bird. The sign of water. During daytime, they walk with an imperturbable pace. The caravan walks under a crushing sun in a dazzling and golden light. They see a bush, a scorpion, tortuous lines in the sand left by a snake. At night, they walk under a billion stars in the blue dunes. They leave the desert, under the song of the rosy dunes by the light of dawn. Then the air comes, the wind, the sound of waves. The sea. And again, the sound of birds. And of pebbles rolling underfoot. The seagull is here, waiting for them. The soil becomes rocky, the ground powder and the brightness of the sea come together. This is where they will settle. Near the roots of the eucalyptus, near the buried hearts. Berber tent or wall of rammed earth. Thick carpets for cool nights and mamounia’s shade for hot days. The sea finally, its wind and spray. The fisherman blue boat. The stones polished by the waves. White, green, eggplant. The preserved lemon’s flavour of a tagine scents the evening air. Time did not stop, it slightly slowed down.